Contract Express 8.5

Contract Express 8.5

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What are the key enhancements?

This release will include several sought-after enhancements that will help you draft and collaborate more efficiently internally, as well as with your clients.

Expertise Automation

This new feature is powered by the same sophisticated and patented Contract Express “rules engine”, users can now create intelligent questionnaires using visual workflows chart, allowing you to provide expert advice at the point of need. Improve your efficiency and mitigate risks by providing the correct answers to clients and colleagues.

Enhanced analytics

Users are now able to create more customised charts and tables, showing contract variables such as questionnaire answers. Conveniently the dashboards and underlying data can be exported in PDF, JPG or XLSX formats for easier sharing with the rest of the business.

Template Mark-up Wizard

Mark-up Wizard is a new tool on the Contract Express Author add-in for Word, it’s designed to speed up the process of creating a new Contract Express document template. The Author can select two similar documents to compare and then the wizard will guide them through each document difference in turn, highlighting the type of change identified and prompting the user to accept, reject or skip the change.

SharePoint Online Integration

The new out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint Online allows the user to reduce data entry by using SharePoint Online lists to populate questionnaire answers. Users can also export generated documents to SharePoint Online libraries.

DMS Integration Enhancements

Admins will now be able to integrate with several DMS solutions, which allows for import from and export to different DMS locations. Previously, only one connection could be active at any one time.


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