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Keep your court case management on track with Thomson Reuters Court Management Solutions™

Keep your court case management on track

Process more cases with fewer resources using C-Track, our innovative case management system that keeps cases moving through the courts.


C-Track: Case management designed for the courts


Fully customisable

Configured to meet your court's needs and is easily adaptable to unique rules and processes.

Web access

No special software is needed. The system is accessed direct from your web browser.

Easily integrated

Integrated with almost any court application – from existing case management to registration to accounting or document management systems.

Digital case processing

Comprehensive case processing functions, from case initiation through disposition and archiving.

Electronic sharing

Send electronic copies of court documents to relevant case parties.

Suite components

Case Management

CMS manages information about cases, filings, parties, calendars and more allowing courts to track their performance.


E-Filing allows parties to electronically file documents enabling greater efficiency and reduced costs in case preparation.