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Bulletin Pro: Legal alerts and newsletter creation software

The alerts management system that automates the trawling of multiple sites to create tailored current awareness bulletins. Get in touch now and we'll give you the scoop on how it works.

What is Bulletin Pro?

Bulletin Pro video - current awareness tool

Find out more about our current awareness tool

Bulletin Pro is the smarter current awareness solution. It lets information and knowledge management teams set up and edit alerts across numerous online subscription services, RSS feeds, websites, social media and internal systems. Information gathered is easily editable for publication as targeted bulletins. It keeps your organisation up to date on the issues that affect your business and those of your clients.

How does it work?

A screenshot of an example legal alerts round-up page for the topic 'energy' on Bulletin Pro legal alerts software

Setting up a bulletin or newsletter Choose to pull content from pre-populated feeds such as Practical Law and Westlaw UK

By using federated search technology, newsletter content is automatically retrieved according to saved filters determined by information teams. Content can then be edited, amended and published for recipients. Unlike other similar software tools tailored for legal content, Bulletin Pro trawls and aggregates content from any source you specify, including subscription sites.

Publishing your newsletter

An example of the legal alert round-up topic auto publish feature on legal newsletter software Bulletin Pro

Publish the information in the form of targeted bulletins to email recipients

Article management your newsletter

A screenshot of the employment journal articles page on legal alerts software Bulletin Pro

Review, annotate and collate the information gathered

Organise and manage

A screenshot of the active issues page on legal alerts software Bulletin Pro

Manage your alerts and bulletins with ease


Number of sources our team of Thomson Reuters expert editors review every day to select what to share in Practical Law Legal Updates. Bulletin Pro can integrate that content, and you can work assured, knowing our expertise is working for you.

Empower colleagues with legal news curated just for them

Maximise your time -- and everyone else's

Save hours by automating manual newsletter tasks. Bulletin Pro, for example, lets you tailor a bulletin to your organisation’s style and template standards. Scheduled updates of only-relevant news stories for your fee earners, colleagues, students or clients cut the information clutter for them, too.

Make subscriptions work harder

Before you publish a newsletter, you’ll select its content streams. Bulletin Pro collates information from industry news sites and regulation and legislation news sources. It integrates with knowledge management subscription services so you can sharpen your team's practice area awareness with resources you’ve already invested in.

Become a thought leader so your team can too

You'll be able to quickly review, edit and promote the content for your newsletter, which means you can provide expert commentary to your clients or colleagues. As you earn their trust with a quick and easy way to consume the news they need and your own analysis, you’ll build your reputation as an authority in industry knowledge.

Capabilities and features

Automates newsletter creation

  • Customises bulletin to firm's template of fonts, images, logos and more
  • Automates content retrieval
  • Saves topics and custom filters

Eases content aggregation

  • Allows editing and review before publication
  • Searches and delivers up-to-date information
  • Sets up legal news alerts that colleagues can choose to follow

Offers more choices for material

  • Integrates with Practical Law, Westlaw UK and Lawtel, amongst others
  • Works with intranets and internal databases
  • Pulls from selected news sites, social media platforms and RSS feeds

Tailor the content to your firm and clients

  • Annotate your chosen content, adding valuable commentary to meet your client's specific information needs, then edit and preview before sharing
  • Provide expert commentary to your clients with highly specific, regular updates, tailored to their needs

Let’s discuss your specific needs and see if this product is right for you.