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Law firm financial management

3E features

Industry-leading features to boost firm profitability

Drive long-term efficiency and growth

Unified User Experience

Enjoy connected experiences, insights, and solutions to improve scalability, reduce costs. 3E leverages the latest industry technologies to produce a modern and rich user experience across our entire portfolio of products. With seamless access to time entry and proforma review solutions, lawyers have a unified experience for time keeping, individual and firm metrics, and client and matter information that provides them with tools to efficiently complete daily tasks from any place and at any time.

Payables Management

Time & Billing Management

Advanced Financial Solutions

Manage everything in one place

Payables Management

Take complete control over the entire payables process, from vendor management and payments to 1099 reporting. The solution is capable of handling complex, high-volume transactions with ease and lets you easily monitor and control cash outlays and reduce your costs by controlling spend.

  • Accounts Payable
  • Image Connect
  • Streamline and automate record processing. A robust records software manages physical and electronic records, while giving lawyers, clients, other firms, and vendors quick and easy access to the information they need. Automate and standardise file creation, tracking, and review to improve efficiency and speed information access across your firm.

    • Electronic records management
    • Records requests
    • Disposition rules setup and reports
    • Disposition processing
  • Be confident you’re using the most reliable and secure system on the market. Flexible and powerful security capabilities are built into the system and can be enforced across the entire suite of products. Role security and audit capabilities control user access, ensure checks are in place, and provide tight controls.

    • Data security levels
    • Process security
    • User/role/group security
  • Transform, analyse, and visualise your data with rich, persona-based visual analytics available anywhere and anytime. Create and view actionable insights from a single dashboard that’s tailored and filtered to your firm and to you. Actionable insights help you spot trends as they happen and make data-driven decisions that help keep your business on track.

Trusted features and functionality

Time and billing management

Maximise billable time and streamline your billing operations for a stronger bottom line. Time entry is made easy and efficient with a modern approach that’s available on mobile devices, so you can swiftly move from time entry to billing. Robust billing functionality enables an accurate and efficient invoicing process that streamlines proforma management, shortens billing cycles, and increases invoicing efficiency. Automate your entire invoicing life cycle, increasing revenues and profits.

  • Confidently manage your firm’s finances from beginning to end with robust and streamlined transaction management. Whether you’re a small firm with 30 fee earners or have a multi-office, global operation, you can configure and capture the reporting of financial information and manage transactions with ease. With comprehensive and scalable capabilities, including multi-language and multicurrency, you can capture accurate and consistent data and gain overall visibility of your firm’s financial picture.

    • Accounts
    • Journal Entry
    • Month End
    • Reports
  • Safeguard your firm and take on new clients and business with confidence. Built-in new business intake features and workflow automate and standardise manual processes to minimise the risk of taking on new business. Robust search capabilities help evaluate potential risks and protect the best interests of your firm. 

    • Related party search
    • Search results review and reporting
    • Third-party data indexing and search

Advanced Financial Solutions

Example interface of the Advanced Financial Solutions from Thomson Reuters

Quickly access the financial information you need to help make critical business decisions. Sophisticated tools help transform your data to gain greater insight into firm productivity, efficiency, and profitability. By having critical financial data immediately at your fingertips, you can measure daily results, plan for the future, and implement changes to instantly respond to client needs.

Ready. Set. Go!

3E offers a simplified deployment plan is geared towards customers that want to move to 3E quickly.