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Cloud-Based Law Firm Management Software

3E Cloud

The first software as a service enterprise law firm and financial management solution

Manage and grow your organisation with 3E Cloud 

Get scalability, security, and flexibility with 3E Cloud, built on the industry standard Microsoft® Azure® platform. Bring unmatched financial management technology of 3E wherever you go with the first financial management solution for large and mid-sized law firms offered in the cloud.

The advantage of moving to the cloud is the scalability. I don’t need to worry about painful upgrades, and it’s very easy for additional users to be signed up. It makes a lot of sense.
Jeremy Gubbay
Chief Operating Officer, Fox Williams

Always up-to-date

Immediately access new enhancements

Remove the hardship of staying current on your financial management system with automatic upgrades eliminating the need to manage version installs and allowing users to quickly enjoy the benefits of new functionality.

Integration ready

Minimise security worries 

Protect financial, practice and client data with the combined industry-leading security approach from Thomson Reuters and Microsoft® Azure®.

Discover your firm’s full potential with 3E Cloud


Decrease costs by eliminating your investment in hardware, software, and the ongoing maintenance required for an on-premises solution.


Flexible server space automatically adapts to accommodate peaks in your firm's activity, preventing performance issues and system down-time.

Managed services

Thomson Reuters is responsible for ensuring product uptime and access, relieving these tasks from your internal IT team.

Turnkey delivery for faster implementation

Thomson Reuters brings our best practices for configuration recommendations to get your firm up and running with 3E quickly and effectively ensuring your attorneys and timekeepers can keep the firm business running smoothly – with the ability to configure additional capabilities post-launch.

Reduced customer effort

Trust our more streamlined, predictable process to implement necessary features approximately six months after project kickoff.

Configured firm requirements

Implement existing codes and descriptions as setups along with Thomson Reuters best practice recommendations wrapped around firm processes.

Leverage pre-built templates

Thirteen output templates – with numerous template options – to support billing, e-billing, payment creation, collections, conflicts and records.

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