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Westlaw Edge UK with CoCounsel

Expedite complex legal research tasks with generative AI

Unrivaled legal research capabilities with generative AI

Get access to powerful tools designed to help you complete research tasks in less time without sacrificing accuracy.

AI-Assisted Research

Accelerate your research and gain relevant answers to legal research questions with the CoCounsel generative AI assistant. Verify the results using links to trusted Westlaw authority to make better-informed decisions and complete research more efficiently.

Legislation Analytics

Uncover, display, and navigate complex networks by exploring the relationships of any UK legislation at any point in time with UK Analytics, and see the implementing relationships between EU Directives and UK law with UK/EU Analytics on Westlaw Edge UK.

Legislation Compare Tool & Divergence Tracker 

Quickly understand how legislation changes and diverges.

Case Analytics

Deepen your understanding and analysis with data visualisation.

Legislation alerts

Anticipate the likely impact of legislative change to deliver the best advice.

Discover the power of advanced legal research

Rather than having to trawl through a list of cases, the interactive analytics enable the lawyer to locate and marshal cases with great efficiency, both saving time and providing the material for a better end product.
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The standard for legal research

Westlaw Edge UK with CoCounsel raises the bar on legal research so you can raise the bar for your practice. Transform the way you search, compare, and analyse the law with legal research that goes beyond traditional methods.

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