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The Hearing: Episode 93 – Jury trials pt.1 (Liam Walker QC, Doughty Street Chambers)

This is the first instalment in our special mini-series on the jury system. Following some recent cases, we decided to examine the integral role of jury trials in our justice system, and why it’s important that defendants have the opportunity to be judged by their peers.

In this episode, Yasmin talks to Liam Walker QC, who successfully defended one of the Colston Four. Liam appeared for Sage Willoughby who was tried at Bristol Crown Court, along with three others, for pulling down and damaging the statue of slaver Edward Colston during a Black Lives Matter protest in June 2020. The four defendants were acquitted by a jury, despite admitting they all played a part in the statue’s removal.

In part two of our series, you can hear Becky interview Audrey Cherryl Mogan. Audrey successfully defended one of six environmental activists who obstructed a DLR train in London, during an Extinction Rebellion protest in April 2019.

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