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The Hearing: Episode 72—Joeli Brearley (Pregnant Then Screwed)

Imagine being fired, by voicemail, after telling your boss that you’re pregnant. It seems like something from a different era, or at least, akin to a bad dating story. Yet this is exactly what happened to this week’s guest, Joeli Brearley, the CEO and founder of Pregnant Then Screwed.

Joeli sits down with Yasmin Sheikh to talk about how her high-risk pregnancy prevented her from taking legal action and how this lit the fuse for Pregnant Then Screwed. They talk about taking the government to court for discriminating against women in the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and the (very relatable) stress dreams that came with it.

Joeli is a powerhouse with a huge social media following, and this episode also looks at what it’s like dealing with trolls and how she wants to change the workplace for mothers, no matter how messy it gets or how many people it upsets.

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