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The Hearing: Episode 58 – Ethical leadership in the law and racial justice

11 Aug 2020

THE CROSS-EXAMINATION – In this episode Becky hosts a discussion on the role of lawyers as ethical leaders and their relationship with racial justice. She’s joined by Abimbola Johnson, a criminal barrister, and Carlos M. Brown, a senior VP and GC, to examine racial issues from UK and US perspectives.

Lawyers have a unique position, enjoying a status as trusted professionals who give advice and provide solutions to an array of issues, yet they’re not generally thought of as ethical leaders. And while lawyers frequently deal with various systems of justice, the connection between this work and justice can often be obscured by the detail of day-to-day tasks.

Carlos, Abimbola and Becky speak about the current relationship between the legal profession and racial justice, the fundamental nature of justice in society, how it differs from due process, and why the law is always running a few steps behind justice and ethics.


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