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The Hearing: Episode 47 – Elizabeth Rimmer (LawCare)

Justice, mindfulness, biscuits! You’re in for a real treat this week, as Kevin sits down with his friend and CEO of LawCare, Elizabeth Rimmer.

Though Elizabeth started her career in zoology, her international upbringing combined with a sense of justice led to a career change. As a solicitor, Elizabeth could stand up for people and give them a voice. She gives her insights into being a medical negligence solicitor and talks about why she questioned whether the legal system was designed to deliver the kind of justice that her clients really wanted.

As CEO of LawCare, the charity that promotes and supports good mental health and well-being in the legal community, Elizabeth has does incredible work not only to raise awareness of these issues, but to tackle them. While originally focused on drinking culture at law firms, LawCare has evolved to work with lawyers on mindfulness and looking after their mental health as much as their physical health. Elizabeth is also a passionate advocate for ensuring that legal education includes education on looking after mental health.

Finally, Elizabeth talks to Kevin about Fit for Law, a new initiative designed to promote emotionally healthier ways of working within law, as well as her desire to build an army of people who want to do something about improving mental health and wellbeing in the legal profession.


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